TODAY BTCUSD SIGNAL : BTC Moves Contrary to 2021 Prediction $100K Surge to Happen?


TODAY BTCUSD SIGNAL : A crypto analyst predicts BTC will surge this year.

  • Last year, the analyst foresaw BTC would not cross $100K.
  • The global stock value is going down, but there is a good climb for BTC.

TODAY BTCUSD SIGNAL : Since geopolitical tensions and related issues started to rise this year, the global crypto industry, including Bitcoin (BTC) and other altcoins, have deflated. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has led to the diminishing value of coins. But, at a particular point, it started ascending, especially because of the huge crypto donations to Ukraine.

TODAY BTCUSD SIGNAL :  a crypto analyst with the pseudonym “Dave the Wave” remarked on the collapse of BTC. The person said BTC would be in FUD and would not reach $100,000 by the end of 2021. However, now he predicts BTC will be riding the wave to reach above the all-time high (ATH) this year.

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